Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Defenseless Bunny Burned to Death in Hutch in Arbroath - REWARD OFFERED for Any Information that Will Lead to Killers!

Whenever I report horrific crimes of cruelty it is never as close to home as of my closest friends, Lauren, went to feed her bunny Dennis last night to find him dead in his hutch.  Burned.  It looks like he died from shock of being set on fire.  

When Lauren checked she found evidence of burned paper, what it looks like is someone after trying to break into his hutch and failed, they have grabbed Dennis's foot through the bars and set him on fire.  

Lauren lives in the Warddykes area of Arbroath and her garden is surrounded by a 6ft brick wall!  This incident happened between late night November 15th to early morning November 16th.  Her bunny's hutch wasn't visible to anyone outside.  Either this person has known that she had a bunny outside or they have been jumping walls looking for them! 

Dennis never hurt anyone in his life and to hear of this not only breaks my heart but it makes me physically sick to my stomach!

Lauren has contacted the Police who have not only taken statements from both Lauren and her partner, they have went round the neighbours, most of whom are elderly looking for information.  One of her neighbour's has reported a boy in his mid to late teens/early twenties hanging around her garden last week, but as there are younger people down the hill from her, it could be completely unrelated.  The police have also taken away Dennis's hutch...due to the damp and cold, they weren't able to take fingerprints in the usual way, so instead they have to take it away to forensics to get the prints off with a certain chemical. 

Lauren is one of the biggest animal lovers I know...she is this crazy animal lady, in the best of senses...when she isn't working (which FYI, all of the work that she does is helping other people feel good about themselves, she is one of the nicest people you could ever meet!!!), her time is dedicated to her pets.  Hell, she's invited me around one evening to have a few glasses of wine whilst she did her nightly cleaning and feeding of her various pets! This is someone who cares for her animal's like most care for their children, she adores them!

And the worst thing is...this isn't the first case of animal abuse atrocity poor Lauren has had to encounter this year.  Back in July she tried to help save the life of the little Chihuahua that was mauled to death by the Staffie...and then worse, the stupid ignorant bitch of an owner ran off!  The Chihuahua died and once the cowbag owner finally handed herself in, after total pressure from the papers and a local dog walker's group that put up a big reward for the person who led the police to her...the Staffie was killed!  The fact that two dogs had to suffer because of a pathetic excuse for a human who was a terrible dog owner, it's disgusting.  I never believe in putting a dog down without at least attempting to retrain them.  And the fact that this horrible woman pretty much walked away scot free as well....completely sickening!

So yes, not to get off track but I just find it appalling that such a big animal lover, and lovely person such as Lauren has had this happen to her.  :(  

If anyone has any information, even if it seems small, please do let me know straight away so I can let Lauren and the police know.  Alternatively you can call the police direct on 0300 111 2222, or the SSPCA on 03000 999 999.  

Lauren's Mum Susan is offering a reward for any information that will lead to finding the killers!  Lauren has spoken to reporters from throughout Scotland as well as the police, and I have spoken to a reporter from The Sun so here's hoping all of this will help.  Let's bring these evil bastards to justice and make sure they never do anything like this again, this is gross animal cruelty to the most disgusting of ways, let's make sure they pay!

R.I.P. Dennis, you died way too young and in the most horrific of ways.  We'll always remember you.  <3

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hopi Ear Candles - This Girl Sure as Hell Says they are AMAZING!

Okay so despite the fact that I will pretty much believe in anything, you know, aliens, reincarnation, Nessie....I was always a wee bit sceptical about is Ear Candling.  My skepticism has more than likely arisen from the fact that I wasn't actually 100% sure what Ear Candling actually meant!  I thought that wax candles were put inside your ear, like actually in your ear drum and left to burn.  To say that I was a little confused is an understatement.

Ear Candling involves placing a hollow candle in the ear canal (not putting it actually in the ear drum, as I had previously thought) and lighting the top end.  A qualified Ear Candling therapist is definitely recommended.  I mean, I sure as hell wouldn't be letting someone light a candle, hollow or not, near my head, let alone in my ear without them being qualified!

Due to a tooth root infection, I had to have a tooth removed the other day.  This led to my sinuses being infected and my right eye puffing up to make me look like John Merrick's twin sister!  My Doctor had prescribed me anti-biotics and the swelling had been coming down loads.

When my friend Lauren suggested Hopi Ear Candles, I was a bit apprehensive but thought, what the can't be worse than the Dentist!  Nothing can be worse than the freakin' Dentist!  Aaaargh!  I decided to let her put the first candle in my right ear...the one where the lovely infection and mutant'ness was!  When she lit the first candle it made this really crackling and hissing sound, there was a strong sense of honey (something which Lauren told me was in the candle's) and I felt like I was a birthday cake for Winnie the Pooh!

After the candle burned down she massaged my face which was slightly painful, but in no way near as painful as what it had been when I had been rubbing cream into it myself!  I've even been using massage oil at night time as the pain was so bad and I thought that might help.

When I turned over for my left ear to have the candle in it, I had to make sure I was positioned right so as not to be in so much pain with my face lying down.  The candle in the left ear was so much more different.  The way it burned down was different, the crackling and hissing was a lot less.  When I told Lauren this she told me that this may be due to the fact that the candle takes in all the 'badness' - that is my word, not hers.  I'm not actually sure what she said exactly.  Basically the candle acts like a chimney and sucks up any problems in your ear.  Due to the fact that we knew exactly what my problem was, i.e. Sinus Infection in my right eye, it was understandable why the candle in the right ear was more hissy and crackly!

All of this aside though, and what actually worked!!!  Afterwards when speaking to Lauren's Mum, a complete Candle sceptic as well....she noticed a HUGE difference in my eye!  I have this scar under my eye from when my Bunny kind of mauled my face.  Above the scar had been totally puffy and visible.  After the Hopi Candle treatment, it had went down so much.  And we're talking within half an hour sort of period.  Part of me wishes I'd got Lauren to do this when my eye was still all puffed up and John Merrick looking!

Whilst I was speaking to Susan, (Lauren's Mum) afterwards, I felt the area around my jaw/top cheek bone was really swollen.  It was like the puffiness had left my eye and moved downwards.  I can now happily say that less than 4 hours later, that puffiness had gone down immensely!  I am actually rather in shock at the difference!  And I am not one to say that something has worked when it hasn't!  This is actually rather incredible.  I can touch my face and I don't feel like a total freak, the swelling has went down so much!

I really wish that I had actually taken some pictures.  Usually when anything freaky or bizarre or morbid happens, I am the first to take pictures.  But when it comes to my face, I am afraid that I am as vain as they come.  The picture of mutation is scarred in my brain!

This has seriously helped though and I wholeheartedly advise anyone with sinus problems or infections to give this a try!  For those with general hearing problems, I'm awaiting my Mother's reaction on the Hopi Ear Candles before I share that advice.  All I know is that, if you have a sinus problem, then definitely give Hopi Ear Candles a go...and this is coming from an incredibly vain person with a face that is definitely a whole less puffier...and back to its usual oh so pretty self!  Haha.  :D  Just don't ask me to smile, that's still a bit wonky! ;)

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Are Doctor's too Quick to Prescribe Painkillers and Anti-Depressants?

When researching ScriptSwitch, the new method of prescribing medication increasingly used by the NHS, I found Fluoxetine was in 13th place in the most prescribed drugs in the UK!?!  Is Britain as a nation really that depressed?

If you look at the top 20 drugs on ScriptSwitch, the obvious ones such as Paracetamol and Aspirin are in the first and second positions respectively. That’s fair enough; pain is a serious pain in the metaphorical and literal butt. Although I sometimes think that doctors advise patients to take these types of painkillers all too quickly.

I mean when you think about it, if one was to overdose on Co-Codamol, it would not be the Codeine that would cause the most damage, it would be the Paracetamol. The most common and easily obtained of the lot of them!!!

So looking at the ease of which doctors prescribe medication, are anti-depressants also prescribed way too easily? I think they are. I remember when I was at University and one of my flatmates had recently split up with her boyfriend, she took it really badly and went to the doctor for advice. Instantly she was prescribed Fluoxetine, or Prozac as it is known by brand. It is a name that instantly creates a stigma around what is exactly wrong with you.

Admittedly this was at the tail end of the 90’s, the decade where Prozac really exploded onto the scene but still, even today there is a definite stigma attached to the name. In the end, after thinking about it she decided not to take it. And sure enough, a short while later, she was back to her usual cheerful self.

The thing is, although talking therpies and lifestyle changes can be far more beneficial to some people, I guess it’s just easier for a doctor to write out a prescription instead. And this I think is something that definitely needs to change.  

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Are You a Conscious Shopper...Do You Support Fair Trade?

Are you a conscious shopper? Are you always thinking of more ways to live not only a more eco-friendly life, but a more people friendly life? As a Vegan I am always conscious of the food I buy...not only for the benefit of animals but also that of local farmers and of the countries where my food comes from. So much of the stuff that we eat on a daily and drink on a daily basis comes from 3rd world countries, countries that rely on our trade for their people to merely live. And this life is not a fruitful one. Take rice for example, have you ever watched any documentaries on the Asian people who work on rice farms? It's disgusting the life that they live, they're basically slaves...they live on mere pennies and their living conditions are cramped dirty shacks! They are overworked and severely underpaid, they live a life that no human being should be subjected too...and all for us to buy cheap rice!

The rice farms are just one example of a reason to buy Fairtrade. Paying that little bit more for your rice is surely worth it, at least you can eat it knowing that the rice farmers are actually getting some money back for all their hard work.

Other examples of food and drink that we can choose to buy Fairtrade are coffee, tea, orange juice, bananas, oranges, sugar, chocolate, olive oil and wine. Personally if I can, I always choose to buy Fairtrade of these products.

It is not only food and drink that we can purchase Fairtrade, there are also fabrics, jewellery, bags, clothes, beads...the list goes on.

When it comes to making jewellery, I love buying Fairtrade beads. I find it amazing how these African women recycle bottles and magazines and much more and then turn them into gorgeous beads. Knowing that the money goes directly back to them is brilliant. It's also nice knowing that you are not buying from some big corporation that churns out millions of the things, all whilst damaging the environment at the same time.

I have met with individuals who massively support the Fairtrade fabric and jewellery trade, they go out to Africa several times a year to buy these products and meet with the women who make them.  One of my favourite companies that do this, and one that I have personally met and who are absolutely lovey are The African Fabric Shop!  I totally recommend that you check out their website, and if you love making your own blankets and clothes and jewellery, then you won't regret it, these guys are an inspiration to us all! <3

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Boycott Donna Karan and her Bunny Murdering Ways..Fur is NOT Fashionable, it is Cruel and Heartless!

Anyone who knows me, be it online or in person...hell, anyone who has ever spoken to me for more than about 2 minutes will know how much I love bunnies.  I spend more time with my bunny Jonah than any person I know.  So it is with great disgust that I read that fashion designer Donna Karan is using bunny fur in her products such as fur trimmed jackets, bags and hats.  The best part about this bunny butcher operation is that Donna Karan knows exactly what cruelty and torture goes into all of her products so she has no excuse to defend herself.  She is a cold and heartless woman who makes millions out of the suffering and pain of millions of bunnies each year.  These poor creatures are left in cramped cages lying in their own faeces...if that is anyone's idea of glamorous then they are a truly sick human being.

Due to the fact that more than half the fur in the US each year is imported from China, this fur operation is all the sicker.  Apparently the Chinese have no problems bludgeoning, hanging, electrocuting and skinning alive millions of animals each year.  This isn't just bunnies though, we are talking dogs, many animals.  And because the Chinese have a tendency to mislabel things...that tendency being totally on purpose if you ask me...consumers have absolutely no idea what they are actually buying.  So you might think that the fur on your coat comes from a fox, or a rabbit...but there is just as much a chance that it comes from a cat or a dog.  Something, which for some reason, seems to bother people more than other animals.  It's like the same thing with people eating cows and sheep...that is apparently acceptable in Western countries like the UK and US, however tell someone they are eating a cat or a dog, and all hell would break out.  NO animal deserves to be turned into food for humans in my humble opinion but that's a whole other blog!  

Anyhoo, getting off track, I am urging you all to take action for the bunnies of the world and urge Donna Karan to stop using fur in her products immediately.  For a woman who makes a point of the fact that she is a devout practitioner of yoga, a practice that teaches you to harm none, and to believe in the concept of karma, you would think she would be more conscious with her products.  But no, she could care less and in that respect I hope that karma turns around and gives her a good slap in the face if she doesn't change her ways. 

You can write to her company via P.E.T.A. here.  You can also read more on the Donna Karan - Bunny Butcher campaign at this link.  Tell Donna Karan that you will boycott ALL of her products, perfume and all until she changes her murderous ways.

Bunnies should be happy little creatures enjoying their little fluffy lives like my bunny Jonah, below. <3

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Outrage from the People of Scotland Saves Irn Bru and its Traditional Recipe from Those Nasty EU Officials, Can We Now Do the Same Thing About Barbaric Animal Testing Laws!?!


So yesterday The Sun Newspaper featured a cover stor about how those lovely (NOT!!!) EU Officials in Brussels were threatening to order changes to the recipe of Irn Bru, our iconic Scottish drink!  First Minister Alex Salmond described this issue as vital -

Mr Salmond has written to Euro Commissioner John Dalli — whose department covers the Food Chain and Animal Health Committee which will make the crucial decision — to warn him of the impact of changing the rules.
He told him: "This would have a major impact on Barr's Irn-Bru, Scotland's leading soft drink brand and an iconic Scottish product."
Today The Sun reported that the downright outrage of the Scottish people has saved our Bru!  

And the Krankies were also delighted at the decision.
They said: "For once, the bureaucrats in Brussels have been sent packing with their tails between their legs.
"I think they were scared of taking on the Scots when they got the message loud and clear — mess with our Bru and we'll have you."
Now if we can all stand together as a nation over a our beloved drink, can we all stand together when it comes to other important matters, such as animal testing!  The Euro Commissioner John Dalli's department also covers the Animal Health Committee.  Because the EU want Britain to be on a par with their barbaric animal testing methods, the UK is looking to instead of putting animals to sleep that are not required for experiments due to over breeding and what not, they are now looking to change it to where they CLUB THE ANIMALS TO DEATH!!!  We need to take a stand against this and tell our government where they can stick this grotesque plan!  If we can save a drink, surely we can save thousands of Beagles, Primates, Bunnies, Ferrets, many animals!  Please read this article and take a deep thought about just where we stand as a nation on this vile practice!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Primates May Be Free, But Animal Testing is Still Very Much a Burning Subject!

The news that a number of lab chimps have seen the light of day for the first time in 30 years is bound to bring a smile to newspaper readers all over the UK, and indeed the rest of the world's faces.  The thing is, out of all these people who greet this news with a smile, how many of them are actually in the minority of those who are actually conscious about the products they use on a day to day basis?  I'd put my life on it only being about 10%...and that is being bloody generous!  I hear this all too often, that people are against animal testing and that they think that it is wrong, yet they constantly support the companies who commit these vulgar atrocities!  This post isn't me trying to be a dick to all those people though, it is me making a point that despite the fact that people care about these animals, the companies that actually commit a number of the daily atrocities are the best selling ones, be it cleaning products, beauty and make up products, you name it these guys are the worst!  In the UK, all products made by two of the biggest companies, Proctor and Gamble and Unilever all test on animals, that includes Fairy, Ariel, Bounty, Braun, Lenor, Gillette, Head and Shoulders, Olay, Oral-B, Pampers, Febreze, Pantene, Nice and Easy, Clearasil, Sure, Zest, Herbal Essences and Wella.  That's not even the lot either!  And that's just the Proctor and Gamble products, Unilever include Dove, Lux, Sunsilk, Lynx (see, it's not just their shitty adverts that are annoying and wrong!), Brut, Brylcreem, Cif, Persil, Radox, Pond's, Sunsilk, Surf, Impulse, Lux, VO5!  Make up products such as Loreal, Max Factor, Lancome, Neutrogena, Maybelline, Johnson and Johnson, hell, even Accessorize make up products test on animals!  Fact!

How many people are willing to make the change from these products to a more animal friendly one though?  Do you even read the label, or look into a product before you buy it?  If the answer is no, why is that?  Is it that you can't be bothered, or because you know that if you find out what these products are tested on you'll feel guilty about buying them.  Or is it that you simply were unaware of these cruel practices in the first place?

It is the so-called animal lovers that argue that the reason they don't change the products they use that are tested on animals is because they make their skin feel better, or clean their clothes better.  WTF!?!  You don't love animals, you are a selfish human being and don't deserve to own an animal! How would these people like it if their pet dog or cat had harmful products dripped into its eyes whilst being pinned open, perhaps had their family dog shaved before being covered in chemicals that will burn its skin, or pump the dog's stomach full of harmful chemicals.  How about we cut their pet open, just for the fucking sake of it, because let's face it, that's pretty much the only excuse these companies need to justify some of the shit they do!  And these things DO happen, if you refuse to believe this then you are far more ignorant you choose to believe!

Ignorance doesn't stop this shit from happening, all it does is guarantee a huge number of innocent animals will die, just because you can't be arsed to stand up for them.  Even if you don't want to take time out to write to the companies conducting these horrid tests, at least just refuse to buy their products.  It's easy for us as people to take a stand...this is a stand that the animals involved don't have!  I told myself I would refrain from swearing in this post but I can't help it, people infuriate me so much sometimes.  It's not difficult to make a change, at least not for us.  If you truly love animals, or have your own pets that you would never in a million years want anything to happen to them, then take the stand, stop buying products from these companies until they have the balls to step into the 21 century and step out of the dark ages!  Because that is where they are living!

I would never in a million years let anyone hurt my bunny (below with my Westie), let alone do any of the stuff that actually happens to them...just for the so-called vanity of humanity!  Please join me in actually loving my pet, and loving ALL animals!!!!

Simply changing your cosmetic and cleaning products is by far the easiest step to take against animal testing.  Obviously this goes so much further, but if we just take that first step, we can save so many innocent creatures.   Animal testing is inaccurate and expensive, so why do companies continue to do it!?!  Did you know that in the UK, just because we are part of the stupid EU, our animal testing laws are set to take a HUGE step backwards, just to put us on a par with a more backward EU!!!  We may like to think of ourselves as a more Western country, but being part of the EU is holding us, it's not holding us's SENDING us back!  If with this blog I can convince even one of you to make a change, then that's a start!  As I said before, I'm not trying to be a dick...sometimes I just can't help myself and I do come across as being a bit harsh.  But it's when time after time again I read of the same thing, it's kinda hard to find compassion for the human race.  

I have even in the past nearly compromised my own health after refusing to take a medication that I had read had tested on Beagles in the past.  I disposed of them immediately and then preceded to make a doctors appointment to complain.  After calming me down, my doctor explained that these tests were done in the past, they had been done and I couldn't change that.  What I could do is campaign against stuff like this happening in the future, and make people aware of it.  It was quite refreshing to hear a doctor's views being such as this.  She said she would happily help me with this and that if I didn't take the drugs then I wouldn't be able to do as much good and help these animals as much as I wanted too.  She was right.  And yes, whilst she might think I'm completely kooky...she thought that before this incident (lol)...she was more understanding and compassionate than I guess I could ever have imagined.  

Just even writing about this I have discovered so much, and memories have indeed been brought back.  November 5th, this year marks the 10 year anniversary of the death of Barry Horne, a man that was so true to the cause he believed in, that he starved to death in prison because he truly believed that vivisection was wrong!  This literally brings tears to my eyes, that one man will give his life to stop the cruel torture of Beagles, bunnies, primates, mice, name it.  Barry Horne was indeed an exceptional human being.  He was in prison relating to incidents surrounding the Huntington laboratories that are notorious for animal torture!  You can read about Barry's plight here and I really do urge that you do.  The world is a smaller place without him, yet the attention he brought towards animal rights and anti-vivisection laws was remarkable!

What we really need though, what would be a super smack in the face towards mankind, is a REAL Rise of Planet of the Apes, oh yes!  Maybe then mankind would start to take notice to the vulgar practices it preaches every day!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Demi Lovato - A Real Teenage Role Model

Until November of last year the name Demi Lovato meant nothing to me so when I read in the news of this 18 year old girl who had entered treatment for self-esteem issues that included an eating disorder and cutting, I wanted to know more.  It was at this point that I discovered that she was one of the Disney kids from the Camp Rock movies, I'd only heard of these movies because of my 5 year old niece Kady, she loves all that High School Musical/Camp Rock stuff.  So anyhoo, I found out that alongside the Camp Rock movies she was also a singer who at the time of her public breakdown, was on tour with the Jonas Brothers, now I'd heard their names before but had no idea who they were!  It turns out that Demi had at the time just been dumped by one of them, Joe I think his name was...and then in true classy style, Joe had pretty much instantly started going out with Ashley Greene from Twilight.  Now this sort of situation would be awkward for anyone, could you imagine the love of your life breaking up with you, whilst you were working shockingly close to one and other, and then he starts dating someone else.  It would be horrific.  However add to that the fact that this relationship was highly public and all the trashy magazines and tabloids were keeping tabs on it, this is enough to lead anyone to an emotional breakdown.  

Now I personally hate all the sugary sweet Disney nonsense in films such as Camp Rock and High School Musical, my sister Susan loves all this stuff...but we can't all have awesome taste such as myself, haha.  These movies are such an untrue representation of life and it doesn't remotely surprise me that so many Disney kids go a little mad...hell, even watching these movies is enough to drive me all the more insane!  I took a liking to Demi though and really empathised with her.  Her public meltdown which included an altercation on a plane where she lashed out at one of the tours backing dancers, led her to realise just how unwell she had become and she immediately pulled out of the tour to seek treatment.  

Growing up is difficult enough for any teenage girl, but to be in the spotlight, living a lie, it must be an absolute killer.  I hated reading all the comments on the IMDb message boards where people were being complete assholes about this poor girl, basically saying that as she gets paid so much, she deserves this sort of stuff.  I mean what the hell!?!  I took a lot of shit just sticking up for her on these boards and it made me further realise the amount of assholes that are truly out there.    

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much money she gets paid.  When she went into that industry, she was just a kid.  It's the kind of job that many little girls dream of...but with that dream comes a price and Demi most definitely paid it.  At middle school she was bullied by classmates, being the subject of verbal harassment, something that I find to be equally, if not more damaging than physical violence.  

Being in an industry where your body is constantly scrutinized as well, again, this would be hard enough for anyone, but she was just a teenage girl.  I can completely understand why she developed an eating disorder.  It's the same with the a world where she is basically dictated what to do on a daily basis and lives under such public scrutiny...both cutting, anorexia and bulimia are forms of control.  It's a way of taking something back and making it your's a fucked up thing to make your own but it's also one of the most personal things a young girl can take control of.  

During her 3 month stay in treatment, she learned that she suffered from bipolar disorder...something that her combined issues most definitely pointed too originally. 

So why do I think this pretty teen is a good role model?  After leaving her 3 month stay in treatment she really opened up in interviews.  She is speaking very candidly about these issues that she hid for a long time, and by doing so she is helping others out there in the same situation.     
"I allow myself a lot of freedom and I'm very peaceful now," she says.  "I have come to realize that just making yourself happy is most important.  Never be ashamed of what you feel.  You have the right to feel any emotion that you want, and to do what makes you happy.  That's my life motto"
When people think of the cliche of teenagers cutting themselves, they think moody goths.  That could not be a more ridiculous statement.  Everyone is vulnerable to forms of self harm, be it drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, cutting, burning, scratching...the list is endless.  Cutting is a way of trying to kill the pain, be it the feel of a blade on the skin, or the relief when the blood trickles is not a healthy mode of expression and the visible scars that you are left with is an everyday reminder of a time you have went through.  Sometimes though, that can be a positive thing, it can be a reminder of a place that you don't want to go back too.  Scars can last for a very long time, trust me.  Sometimes scars that are 10 years old can still look fresh.  Demi has admitted that she started cutting at the age of 11 and the fact that she goes out in public and doesn't try to cover up her scars, that is an incredibly admiral thing. She is dealing with it now...and sharing her pain.  And that just makes me like her all the more!

"It was a way of expressing my own shame, of myself, on my own body, I was matching the inside to the outside. And there were some times where my emotions were just so built up, I didn't know what to do. The only way that I could get instant gratification was through an immediate release on myself."

So out of therapy and getting on with her life, dealing with the body image issues she had before and trying to lead a happy and healthy life...Demi has been doing great!  Which is why when I read that she was getting shit for being "FAT" at the VMA's that I decided to write this blog.  I respect her and it felt like the right time to get my thoughts out there.  I was editor of a mental health newsletter for 2 years and I understand how important it is to let people realise that they are not alone in their struggles.  And FYI, if this is the idea of FAT for her haters then they clearly have serious issues of their own.  There was nothing remotely fat about her, it sickens me to read things like "she should try skipping some meals" and what not!  These people are pathetic, sad little beings.  I loved Demi's reply to them all on her Twitter account

"Guess what, I'm happy and healthy, and if you're hating on my weight you obviously aren't. :) #UNBROKEN

Go, Go Demi!  Stand up to the bullies and keep on staying strong! :)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Dukan Diet - Yet Another Fad Diet That is Both Bad for You Physically AND Mentally!

Whilst flicking through the latest edition of Marie Claire that dropped through my letterbox today I came across an article on the Dukan diet...the diet that apparently got Kate Middleton's sister and mother in shape for the Royal Wedding.  It's the latest fad diet to hit the celebrity circuit and as usually goes with fad diets, it's absolutely horrific for your health.  Like the Atkins diet, a diet that I have long voiced my disgust at, it includes eating meat, meat and more meat!  One of the writers for Marie Claire, Danielle Hine was asked to try the diet out and was inititally happy about it.  What followed though was 11 days of pure hell, starvation, very little sleep and a feeling of exhaustion and emotional hell!  Wow, sounds great doesn't it...NOT!!!

For a start, as a Vegan, I find diets that are so largely meat centric to be vulgar in nature, terrible for the environment and to the creatures living in it!  Yet again, it is an example of the vanity of human nature promoting animal cruelty and environmental destruction.  For health reasons, both physical AND mental, there are no positive outcomes.

Eating large quantities of meat is really bad for your cholesterol levels and add to that the large quantity of eggs that this diet requires and you're walking your way to a heart attack!  This diet requires you eat no fruit or veg for  3 days and then you are allowed vegetables or salad every other day...what the hell!?!  After 18 days you can introduce some carbs, fruit and cheese.  Now it doesn't take a genius to realise that this is not healthy, so why are so many people jumping on the bandwagon!?

Our Marie Claire tester lasted 11 days, in this time she had a couple of slip ups and then on the 11th day decided to call it quits when her friend invited her out for pizza.  I actually really liked her article as she was blatantly honest about how horrific the diet made her feel.  Yes she lost 3 pounds but when the most exciting food that she ate all week, and that was a little bit of a cheat in itself, was Edamame beans on Day 4, you know that this diet is not for those of us who don't have an eating disorder.  And that's what I class diets such as this to be.  An anorexic doesn't eat, a bulimic eats and then purges...this is the same  kind of calculated insanity in my humble opinion.

What further annoyed me about this diet was that it was okay to drink copious amounts of coffee and fizzy drinks, the same as adding artificial sweeteners to food to get taste...again, what the hell, this is NOT good for you!

If you want to lose weight, it is always best to stick to a healthy diet, one that includes lots of fruit and veg, various pulses and grains, minimal dairy and ideally zero meat products.  The whole thing about you can only get protein from meat is a load of rubbish, in fact it is better to get protein from the grain Quinoa, that way you are getting your amino acids as's 110% healthy and so versatile you can use it for tons of stuff!

Another problem with diets such as the Dukan diet is that whilst you might quickly lose a few pounds, the lack of vitamins and minerals in your system means you skin is going to look like shit.  Yes celebrities have their make up artists at hand to make sure that you can't tell how horrible their skin actually looks but regular people don't have that...we don't have a professional who can touch up our make up every 5 minutes.  So yes, whilst they might look great in the movies and magazines etc. I can only imagine how awful they actually look when they get home and take off all the slap!  And I'm not meaning that in a bitchy way, whilst it might sound like that.  It just infuriates me that women are led to feel insecure and horrible about themselves, wishing they could look like the people they see on magazine covers, when at the end of the day, take off all the make up and take them away from the joy of airbrushing and they look just like your and me, albeit probably with worse skin.

So ladies of the world...and men...let's stand up against all these fad diets and fake images, let's lead a healthy life and eat our veggies.  Our bodies both inner and outer shall thank us...and if you need to lose some weight, do it the healthy way.  Get out walking, or join the local gym.  If you're a woman who would like to be in a gym where it's just other women, in an environment where you get total support to lose weight and trim up in a quick and healthy way, then why not join your local Curves?  You will get complete support, make friends AND get closer to the body that you've always a healthy and happy environment.  :)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

MacDonald's - Not Loving It One Little Bit!

MacDonald's is pretty much second to KFC in the vile and disgusting practice stakes.  Despite the fact that they can buy chicken that isn't scalded to death and basically tortured, at no extra price either...they don't!  They continue to serve their lovely kids HAPPY MEALS and the rest of their vulgar crap with their blatantly misleading "I'm loving it!" slogan attached.  It is time to step up people, refuse to buy their food until they at least commit to buying non animal tortured chicken...and the rest of their food.  Just check out this video and have a think about it!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Get Your Own Carbon Neutral Blog...Tree People! :)

Okay, so it's all very well and good for us to write about all of the things that we do to maintain a low carbon/eco-friendly lifestyle, however it often doesn't occur to us that the mere action of posting blog posts on such things actually uses carbon as well.  That is why after coming across this German initiative where for each blog that posts a short blog post on their initiative, and then displays their carbon neutral blog logo, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree in your honour!  Cool huh?

carbon neutral local offers with

The first lot of trees has been planted in the Plumas National Forest and then after the reforestation of the Plumas forest is complete, planting will continue in another national forest!  Once you have done the blog etc. all you need to do is email the Arbor Day Foundation and they will plant your blog tree, therefore making your blog totally carbon neutral!  For more information on this awesome scheme please visit the website HERE!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

An Excellent Way to a Carbon Neutral Blog

So I came across this seed on SeededBuzz entitled 1 Blog, 1 Tree which led me to the Krafty Kitten blog and the blog post One Blog, One Tree - Writing My Way to Carbon Neutrality.  As an individual who is always looking for different ways towards carbon neutrality, I had to check this out.  On top of giving people great ideas to bringing their own bit of greenery into their world, even when they live in the city, this blog linked to the One Blog, One Tree movement.  I'm pretty sure this is a German site, which wouldn't surprise me as the German's have been more eco-friendly than the rest of us for quite some time now.  I remember going to Germany in the 80's when I was a kid and wanting to move there because they had so many different recycling bins and you weren't allowed to hurt trees and things.  This was wonderful in my eyes.  It still is. 

Anyhoo, what this site asks of you is to write a blog post about the Mach's GrĂ¼n initiative and email them the link.  After this they shall plant a tree in honour of your blog in the Plumas National Forest.  How cool is that!?!?!  And totally simple to do as well.  

Thanks to this great blog post, I discovered other seeders including a fellow Cooper who runs a Carbon Neutral Blog which is great and you should totally check out.  I also found another wicked little blog with plenty of excellent information and a brilliant design called Big Green Head.  Other blog posts discussing the same topic but in their own unique way include articles entitled The Path Towards Reducing Your Carbon Footprint, Eco Friendly Blog and Beyond and Happy Earth Day.  

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Miracle Product - Say Goodbye to Paint and Red Wine Spills with METHOD Daily Shower Spray

A while back when doing my online shopping I was looking for METHOD products for my home.  I absolutely love their products, they are both environmentally friendly and not tested on animals either.  This was when I came across the Daily Shower spray, I'd never tried before so figured I'd give it a go.

I'm not even sure what it was that made me grab my shower spray to clean something else but something did and I realised it was good for cleaning as well as shining up the shower.  On the METHOD website they state that although it keeps your shower all spangly and shiney when it is sprayed on an already clean shower, it is not a miracle worker.  I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that yes, this is great in the shower, but it also IS a miracle worker!

One Saturday morning I was looking after my niece, we had been painting a Toy Story mug I had got her for Christmas.  Somehow, as accidents always happen when paint is involved, she spilt one of the little pots of blue pain on my cream carpet.  Argh, I hear you say.  I grabbed my METHOD Daily Shower spray to spray on the newly blue carpet, sprayed the stained carpet and like magic, the blue disappeared!  This stuff is seriously amazing.  I'm not sure if it's the Ylang Ylang that does it but I've certainly never seen anything like it before, especially not from a purely natural product.  

I was telling my friends about this one evening whilst we were drinking wine and my clutzy little darling of a friend Rachel spilt red wine all over her jeans.  Straight away I grabbed my shower spray, sprayed her jeans and like magic, the stain had disappeared!  You honestly have to see this to believe it and my friends were totally amazed with the results.  This stuff really is absolutely brilliant!  And not only do their products work incredibly well, they have the most awesome packaging ever.  And at £3 for a large spray, you can't really go wrong with the stuff! :)

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Acai Berry - Helps You Lose Weight Naturally AND Is Good For You!

Chances are you've probably heard about the wonders of the super fruit the Acai Berry.  I've been thinking of trying this out for quite some time now, mainly due to the constant news I always here about it giving you countless energy whilst promoting better sleep.  Due to the fact that it is packed with antioxidants it is gives you increased immunity against infection and clears the complexion.

The thing however that it is most renound for however is its ability to burn fat and aid weight loss in a quick yet healthy fashion.  This has been further testified by the magazine Women's Health, a magazine that constantly looks into healthy ways for you to lose weight and keep fit!  It was this article that finally got me to decide to give it a try.  It promotes a free trial of Acai Berry with further discount on the the postage.  I only found out about this yesterday and have ordered my supply.  Unfortunately the trial offer ends today however if you are quick and click on THIS LINK and in the part where it asks for a coupon code type in ACAI.  Once you have added this coupon your total amount shall be £2.95, what more could you ask for.  Get clicking and get your Acai Berry as well as Hoodia (appetite suppressant) free trial today!

I shall be reporting on my thoughts of this later on next week.  :)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Are The Products You Use Bad For You!?!

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of being in a supermarket with me shall know how much of a pain in the arse I can be when it comes to making my point clear when it comes to buying eco-friendly products that don't test on animals.  I can't say it's something I will ever apologise for.  Yes it might sound like moaning to some however my nagging is done with good intention.  I don't see why horrific companies such as Proctor and Gamble and Unilever should get away with the lies that they tell consumers in their vulgar attempt to make their products appear environmentally friendly and good for your babies skin and all that crap!

Well crap is pretty much all it is.  Now I would love to say that they are trying to do their best with their "attempts" at being environmentally friendly but that is just not the case.  Products such as Fairy, Ariel, Dash, Herbal Essences, Crest, Febreze, Head and Shoulders, Gillette and so much more contain numerous chemicals that are not good for you whatsoever.  Their whole eco-friendly thing is a complete farce!  I won't go into all of that here however if you want to read more on subject you can read an article that I wrote regarding Global Warming and Big Corporations HERE.  They are also absolutely shocking when it comes to animal cruelty.

Yes you might argue that animal research is needed when it comes to medical research.  Personally I don't agree with this statement, animals are animals and people are not.  Our bodies are a completely different make up so to me it just doesn't make any sense.  Anyhoo, getting off track...what I find completely vile and disgusting is the cosmetics companies that use animal research.  They will blind and burn bunnies and mice and rats, and more importantly...BEAGLES...just for the self vanity of the human race!  I find it a vulgar and disgusting practice and I want to expose these cruel companies for just what they are.  The best part is, some of the worst companies are some of the largest.  For example, Loreal!  Many people don't actually realise that  they are buying animal tested products due to the "glamourous" advertising campaigns these products get.

So here's what I suggest, maybe it's time you took a closer look at all the products you use on a daily basis, make-up, moisturiser, cleaning products and anything else that you think might be tested on animals and see if they actually are.  Make a list of them and then one by one, say when they run or something, but a non-animal tested product in its place.  The perfectly simple way to progress to a Animal Happy House!!! :)

I'm away to start reviewing eco-friendly/animal friendly/people friendly products on this blog and link you to sites where you can purchase them for excellent prices.  So yay, come join me and help spread the word and look forward to a greener, happier and healthier future!  You can take a peek at where I'm going to start here...  Morley's Earth Day NEWAYS Hideaway

Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Good afternoon people and Happy Earth Day everyone! 

I am proud to admit that I was born on the 9th anniversary of Earth Day, it's the perfectly apt day for me.  I am happiest when with nature and I am always on a mission to get more people to be more environmentally friendly, be it through recycling, eating a vegetarian/vegan diet, planting trees, looking after the conservation of the world...anything possible.  

One way you can support this year's Earth Day is to pledge to do an act of Green via Facebook and the Earth Day Network.  Your pledge can be anything you want, it can be a pledge that is already there or one that you pledge yourself.  

Oooh and randomly for those of you in Phoenix, Arizona, Lowe's are giving away 1 million trees so those of you in the area, get your butts down there and get yourself a tree!  

And super oooh, if you want to give an excellent rainforest gift to someone then hows about planting a tree in Costa Rica for someone's honour?  Green Gifts alongside Care2 is working with the people of Costa Rica to help it become the world's first carbon neutral country. :)

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter where you are in the world, as long as you are committed to saving the planet and pledge to do at least one thing that shall help this matter, then at least you are doing just that.  If that is not enough though, do as much as you physically can.  Educate others.  Don't stop and don't be put off by any shit or skepticism you may receive.  At least you know you're working towards a worthy cause! :)

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sugar: It May Be Sweet But Only As An Occasional Treat!

I got an email from the FibroFix team the other day about sugar intake and it got me thinking.  It is a well known fact that too much sugar in your diet is not good for you.  Excessive sugar intake leads to poor nutrient absorption from foods, which then leads to a seriously cruddy digestive system.  Evil syndromes (and no I'm not talking Syndrome from The Incredibles here either) such Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS can then develop.  Fibromyalgia is basically a collection of evil syndromes together and IBS is frequently one of them.  Thankfully it is one that *touch wood* I am not afflicted with.  Anyhoo, too much sugar can also lead to diabetes and of course obesity.  And as with any chronic condition, especially pain and fatigue, sometimes exercise is damn near impossible.  Which of course doesn't help with the whole obesity thing.  

So, where to start?  Well at the end of the day, it's always best to start with the simplest of things.  And if cutting down on your sugar intake can make an improvement on your metabolism, leading to better nutrient absorption and better health in general then hells yeah I'm on board!  The question is, are you?

Now one of the trickiest things when cutting down on sugar and being under the impression that we are being really healthy is the amount of sugar that some fruits contain.  The way I see it, is that getting your sugars from fruit has to be good.  As long as you keep an eye on just how much sugar on average is in your fruit.

Another HUGE problem for me personally is alcohol.  Now I will be the first to admit that this is the kicker for me.  I can be as healthy as possible but then alcohol steps in the way.  Alcohol itself, with the exception of liquors obviously, is actually really low in sugar.  In fact most spirits have no sugar content.  The mixers that you add to them however, that's a whole different story!  I always tell myself that Morgan's and Coke is pain relief when in all actuality, just the sugars alone from it are probably doing more damage.  I guess it doesn't matter how healthy you are, if the sugar content in your diet is too high then you just don't benefit in the way that you should be.

Now the email that prompted me to write this blog came as I said before, from The Fibro Fix team.  Below is a sample from the email that gives a quick reference to foods and their sugar content.

Here's a quick reference guide to a few sample foods and their
sugar content: 

  • Small apple                          15 grams

  • ¼ cup of raisins                         29 grams

  • 6 ounces of plain yogurt                 12 grams

  • 6 ounces of yogurt w/fruit                  26 grams 

  • 6 ounces of orange juice                  18 grams

  • One teaspoon of honey                           7 grams

  • Typical juice box                           25 grams 

  • One large single serving chocolate chip cookie  44 grams

  • One 20 ounce cola                    69 grams

  • So with this newfound thought of sugar intake in mind I am going to keep a daily diary to record this and do my best to follow the advice of the FibroFix team and reduce my sugar intake to 100 grams or less a day.

    If you would like to sign up for these highly informative emails and receive a free E-Book then please visit the site HERE!  I highly recommend it!  :)  The team is made up of three highly successful women including one of the most wonderful, knowledgeable and downright awesome women I have ever discovered through my search to kick fibromyalgia right up the butt.  That woman would be Sue Ingebretson, the author of the well written and superbly quirky FibroWHYalgia.  Through self discovery and a whole lot of research, Sue has found the key to living a happy and healthy life.  FibroWHYalgia is an amazing book and one that every single person with either fibromyalgia, or indeed any chronic pain condition, must at least read.  Although if you can, I definitely recommend owning this book.  It's like a bible that you constantly go back to refer too.  Below are links to the American site, as well as the UK site  

    Tuesday, 19 April 2011

    Drug Free Headache Relief...And More!

    Roughly a year and a half ago, I remember having really bad wisdom tooth pain and a migraine to boot!  I felt absolutely dire and having ran out of painkillers I knew I had to leave the comfort of my dark room and venture down to my friend Vivien's...the closest person to me (distance wise) who could supply me with some much needed drugs.

    Whilst I was there she asked if I had ever seen one of these head massager's (below).  The answer was no.  What I experienced next was one of the best feelings EVER!  Vivien massaged my head using this simple little thing that pretty much looks just like a kitchen whisk that has went wonky and it was amazing.  Talk about a relaxation of the nerves in my head, my migraine started to soothe and my wisdom tooth pain, after a while I forgot that I even had it in the first place.  I was beyond impressed with this ridiculously simple little tool.  Vivien being the lovely person that she is told me I could keep it as she didn't really use it anyway.

    At the time I was running a support group for people with Fibromyalgia and so I took my new toy along with me and everyone absolutely loved it.  The tingling sensations that it sends through your body extends down your shoulders and arms and can even help relieve tight shoulder pain.  Again I've used it on my boyfriend after basketball games and he absolutely loves it. 

    Now obviously it's better if you can get someone to do it for you, when you do it yourself, although it feels good, just the fact that you're using one hand to do it so your arm and shoulder muscles are going to be that little more tensed up.  And if you're in a lot of pain then obviously the repeated up and down movements will start to tire your arms.

    That is where the battery operated ones come in handy.  This way it's a case of plonking it on your head and letting the batteries do the work.  Simples!

    The best thing about this is it's so cheap and cheerful.  Below are links to both types on both and  Oh and last but not least, if you want a great 80's fuzzy hairdo, this is the way to do it, heehee!