Wednesday, 18 May 2011

An Excellent Way to a Carbon Neutral Blog

So I came across this seed on SeededBuzz entitled 1 Blog, 1 Tree which led me to the Krafty Kitten blog and the blog post One Blog, One Tree - Writing My Way to Carbon Neutrality.  As an individual who is always looking for different ways towards carbon neutrality, I had to check this out.  On top of giving people great ideas to bringing their own bit of greenery into their world, even when they live in the city, this blog linked to the One Blog, One Tree movement.  I'm pretty sure this is a German site, which wouldn't surprise me as the German's have been more eco-friendly than the rest of us for quite some time now.  I remember going to Germany in the 80's when I was a kid and wanting to move there because they had so many different recycling bins and you weren't allowed to hurt trees and things.  This was wonderful in my eyes.  It still is. 

Anyhoo, what this site asks of you is to write a blog post about the Mach's GrĂ¼n initiative and email them the link.  After this they shall plant a tree in honour of your blog in the Plumas National Forest.  How cool is that!?!?!  And totally simple to do as well.  

Thanks to this great blog post, I discovered other seeders including a fellow Cooper who runs a Carbon Neutral Blog which is great and you should totally check out.  I also found another wicked little blog with plenty of excellent information and a brilliant design called Big Green Head.  Other blog posts discussing the same topic but in their own unique way include articles entitled The Path Towards Reducing Your Carbon Footprint, Eco Friendly Blog and Beyond and Happy Earth Day.  

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