Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Dukan Diet - Yet Another Fad Diet That is Both Bad for You Physically AND Mentally!

Whilst flicking through the latest edition of Marie Claire that dropped through my letterbox today I came across an article on the Dukan diet...the diet that apparently got Kate Middleton's sister and mother in shape for the Royal Wedding.  It's the latest fad diet to hit the celebrity circuit and as usually goes with fad diets, it's absolutely horrific for your health.  Like the Atkins diet, a diet that I have long voiced my disgust at, it includes eating meat, meat and more meat!  One of the writers for Marie Claire, Danielle Hine was asked to try the diet out and was inititally happy about it.  What followed though was 11 days of pure hell, starvation, very little sleep and a feeling of exhaustion and emotional hell!  Wow, sounds great doesn't it...NOT!!!

For a start, as a Vegan, I find diets that are so largely meat centric to be vulgar in nature, terrible for the environment and to the creatures living in it!  Yet again, it is an example of the vanity of human nature promoting animal cruelty and environmental destruction.  For health reasons, both physical AND mental, there are no positive outcomes.

Eating large quantities of meat is really bad for your cholesterol levels and add to that the large quantity of eggs that this diet requires and you're walking your way to a heart attack!  This diet requires you eat no fruit or veg for  3 days and then you are allowed vegetables or salad every other day...what the hell!?!  After 18 days you can introduce some carbs, fruit and cheese.  Now it doesn't take a genius to realise that this is not healthy, so why are so many people jumping on the bandwagon!?

Our Marie Claire tester lasted 11 days, in this time she had a couple of slip ups and then on the 11th day decided to call it quits when her friend invited her out for pizza.  I actually really liked her article as she was blatantly honest about how horrific the diet made her feel.  Yes she lost 3 pounds but when the most exciting food that she ate all week, and that was a little bit of a cheat in itself, was Edamame beans on Day 4, you know that this diet is not for those of us who don't have an eating disorder.  And that's what I class diets such as this to be.  An anorexic doesn't eat, a bulimic eats and then purges...this is the same  kind of calculated insanity in my humble opinion.

What further annoyed me about this diet was that it was okay to drink copious amounts of coffee and fizzy drinks, the same as adding artificial sweeteners to food to get taste...again, what the hell, this is NOT good for you!

If you want to lose weight, it is always best to stick to a healthy diet, one that includes lots of fruit and veg, various pulses and grains, minimal dairy and ideally zero meat products.  The whole thing about you can only get protein from meat is a load of rubbish, in fact it is better to get protein from the grain Quinoa, that way you are getting your amino acids as's 110% healthy and so versatile you can use it for tons of stuff!

Another problem with diets such as the Dukan diet is that whilst you might quickly lose a few pounds, the lack of vitamins and minerals in your system means you skin is going to look like shit.  Yes celebrities have their make up artists at hand to make sure that you can't tell how horrible their skin actually looks but regular people don't have that...we don't have a professional who can touch up our make up every 5 minutes.  So yes, whilst they might look great in the movies and magazines etc. I can only imagine how awful they actually look when they get home and take off all the slap!  And I'm not meaning that in a bitchy way, whilst it might sound like that.  It just infuriates me that women are led to feel insecure and horrible about themselves, wishing they could look like the people they see on magazine covers, when at the end of the day, take off all the make up and take them away from the joy of airbrushing and they look just like your and me, albeit probably with worse skin.

So ladies of the world...and men...let's stand up against all these fad diets and fake images, let's lead a healthy life and eat our veggies.  Our bodies both inner and outer shall thank us...and if you need to lose some weight, do it the healthy way.  Get out walking, or join the local gym.  If you're a woman who would like to be in a gym where it's just other women, in an environment where you get total support to lose weight and trim up in a quick and healthy way, then why not join your local Curves?  You will get complete support, make friends AND get closer to the body that you've always a healthy and happy environment.  :)

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