Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Boycott Donna Karan and her Bunny Murdering Ways..Fur is NOT Fashionable, it is Cruel and Heartless!

Anyone who knows me, be it online or in person...hell, anyone who has ever spoken to me for more than about 2 minutes will know how much I love bunnies.  I spend more time with my bunny Jonah than any person I know.  So it is with great disgust that I read that fashion designer Donna Karan is using bunny fur in her products such as fur trimmed jackets, bags and hats.  The best part about this bunny butcher operation is that Donna Karan knows exactly what cruelty and torture goes into all of her products so she has no excuse to defend herself.  She is a cold and heartless woman who makes millions out of the suffering and pain of millions of bunnies each year.  These poor creatures are left in cramped cages lying in their own faeces...if that is anyone's idea of glamorous then they are a truly sick human being.

Due to the fact that more than half the fur in the US each year is imported from China, this fur operation is all the sicker.  Apparently the Chinese have no problems bludgeoning, hanging, electrocuting and skinning alive millions of animals each year.  This isn't just bunnies though, we are talking dogs, cats...so many animals.  And because the Chinese have a tendency to mislabel things...that tendency being totally on purpose if you ask me...consumers have absolutely no idea what they are actually buying.  So you might think that the fur on your coat comes from a fox, or a rabbit...but there is just as much a chance that it comes from a cat or a dog.  Something, which for some reason, seems to bother people more than other animals.  It's like the same thing with people eating cows and sheep...that is apparently acceptable in Western countries like the UK and US, however tell someone they are eating a cat or a dog, and all hell would break out.  NO animal deserves to be turned into food for humans in my humble opinion but that's a whole other blog!  

Anyhoo, getting off track, I am urging you all to take action for the bunnies of the world and urge Donna Karan to stop using fur in her products immediately.  For a woman who makes a point of the fact that she is a devout practitioner of yoga, a practice that teaches you to harm none, and to believe in the concept of karma, you would think she would be more conscious with her products.  But no, she could care less and in that respect I hope that karma turns around and gives her a good slap in the face if she doesn't change her ways. 

You can write to her company via P.E.T.A. here.  You can also read more on the Donna Karan - Bunny Butcher campaign at this link.  Tell Donna Karan that you will boycott ALL of her products, perfume and all until she changes her murderous ways.

Bunnies should be happy little creatures enjoying their little fluffy lives like my bunny Jonah, below. <3


  1. 9/29/12: Donna Karan is serving on this year's Benefit Committee of TIBET HOUSE US. How creepy is that?