Saturday, 10 September 2011

Outrage from the People of Scotland Saves Irn Bru and its Traditional Recipe from Those Nasty EU Officials, Can We Now Do the Same Thing About Barbaric Animal Testing Laws!?!


So yesterday The Sun Newspaper featured a cover stor about how those lovely (NOT!!!) EU Officials in Brussels were threatening to order changes to the recipe of Irn Bru, our iconic Scottish drink!  First Minister Alex Salmond described this issue as vital -

Mr Salmond has written to Euro Commissioner John Dalli — whose department covers the Food Chain and Animal Health Committee which will make the crucial decision — to warn him of the impact of changing the rules.
He told him: "This would have a major impact on Barr's Irn-Bru, Scotland's leading soft drink brand and an iconic Scottish product."
Today The Sun reported that the downright outrage of the Scottish people has saved our Bru!  

And the Krankies were also delighted at the decision.
They said: "For once, the bureaucrats in Brussels have been sent packing with their tails between their legs.
"I think they were scared of taking on the Scots when they got the message loud and clear — mess with our Bru and we'll have you."
Now if we can all stand together as a nation over a our beloved drink, can we all stand together when it comes to other important matters, such as animal testing!  The Euro Commissioner John Dalli's department also covers the Animal Health Committee.  Because the EU want Britain to be on a par with their barbaric animal testing methods, the UK is looking to instead of putting animals to sleep that are not required for experiments due to over breeding and what not, they are now looking to change it to where they CLUB THE ANIMALS TO DEATH!!!  We need to take a stand against this and tell our government where they can stick this grotesque plan!  If we can save a drink, surely we can save thousands of Beagles, Primates, Bunnies, Ferrets, many animals!  Please read this article and take a deep thought about just where we stand as a nation on this vile practice!

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