Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Defenseless Bunny Burned to Death in Hutch in Arbroath - REWARD OFFERED for Any Information that Will Lead to Killers!

Whenever I report horrific crimes of cruelty it is never as close to home as of my closest friends, Lauren, went to feed her bunny Dennis last night to find him dead in his hutch.  Burned.  It looks like he died from shock of being set on fire.  

When Lauren checked she found evidence of burned paper, what it looks like is someone after trying to break into his hutch and failed, they have grabbed Dennis's foot through the bars and set him on fire.  

Lauren lives in the Warddykes area of Arbroath and her garden is surrounded by a 6ft brick wall!  This incident happened between late night November 15th to early morning November 16th.  Her bunny's hutch wasn't visible to anyone outside.  Either this person has known that she had a bunny outside or they have been jumping walls looking for them! 

Dennis never hurt anyone in his life and to hear of this not only breaks my heart but it makes me physically sick to my stomach!

Lauren has contacted the Police who have not only taken statements from both Lauren and her partner, they have went round the neighbours, most of whom are elderly looking for information.  One of her neighbour's has reported a boy in his mid to late teens/early twenties hanging around her garden last week, but as there are younger people down the hill from her, it could be completely unrelated.  The police have also taken away Dennis's hutch...due to the damp and cold, they weren't able to take fingerprints in the usual way, so instead they have to take it away to forensics to get the prints off with a certain chemical. 

Lauren is one of the biggest animal lovers I know...she is this crazy animal lady, in the best of senses...when she isn't working (which FYI, all of the work that she does is helping other people feel good about themselves, she is one of the nicest people you could ever meet!!!), her time is dedicated to her pets.  Hell, she's invited me around one evening to have a few glasses of wine whilst she did her nightly cleaning and feeding of her various pets! This is someone who cares for her animal's like most care for their children, she adores them!

And the worst thing is...this isn't the first case of animal abuse atrocity poor Lauren has had to encounter this year.  Back in July she tried to help save the life of the little Chihuahua that was mauled to death by the Staffie...and then worse, the stupid ignorant bitch of an owner ran off!  The Chihuahua died and once the cowbag owner finally handed herself in, after total pressure from the papers and a local dog walker's group that put up a big reward for the person who led the police to her...the Staffie was killed!  The fact that two dogs had to suffer because of a pathetic excuse for a human who was a terrible dog owner, it's disgusting.  I never believe in putting a dog down without at least attempting to retrain them.  And the fact that this horrible woman pretty much walked away scot free as well....completely sickening!

So yes, not to get off track but I just find it appalling that such a big animal lover, and lovely person such as Lauren has had this happen to her.  :(  

If anyone has any information, even if it seems small, please do let me know straight away so I can let Lauren and the police know.  Alternatively you can call the police direct on 0300 111 2222, or the SSPCA on 03000 999 999.  

Lauren's Mum Susan is offering a reward for any information that will lead to finding the killers!  Lauren has spoken to reporters from throughout Scotland as well as the police, and I have spoken to a reporter from The Sun so here's hoping all of this will help.  Let's bring these evil bastards to justice and make sure they never do anything like this again, this is gross animal cruelty to the most disgusting of ways, let's make sure they pay!

R.I.P. Dennis, you died way too young and in the most horrific of ways.  We'll always remember you.  <3


  1. .....I just read this and felt I had to say something. As a rabbit owner myself I can't describe how I felt. I think this is one of the few times I have heard of an act of cruelty and openly cried. My heart breaks for Lauren and Dennis. As I live in Wales I'm afraid I'm not much help but I hope you find the sick and twisted person who did this :(. I don't think I've felt so deeply hurt over an article before. Thank you for letting people know about these types of happenings. Maybe it will make people more aware. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, I really appreciate your comment. I wish I could say that the people who did this had been caught but unfortunately not. :( I have a bunny too and when this happened I was so thankful that I keep him indoors. I actually read of something similar to this happening in Wales, I think it was last month. A group of lads broke into an allotment and burned one bunny and kicked the other to death, they also killed a duck as well. :( I just don't understand how anyone could do something this cruel, and I do think that it's something that more people need to look out for. x

  3. I've just come across this article and it broke my heart. I'm a veterinary nurse all the way over in England and sadly, its not uncommon here either. Lets just hope the evil bastard has been caught for another crime (you never know - I've seen karma work its magic many times). Thank you for raising awareness. Perhaps one day the death of an animal will be looked upon in the same way as the death of a human. The beautiful Dennis is in no pain now xx

    1. Elisabeth, thanks for your message. I'm actually up in Scotland, although I lived in Plymouth for over 6 years and it's horrific how often you hear of these kinds of things. Karma has a funny old way of working and something tells me that this individual(s) will get their comeuppance. I'm actually primarily a horror writer, but I am never one to shy away from real life horror and to bring awareness to it, which is why I have this blog too. :) xx