Sunday, 5 June 2011

MacDonald's - Not Loving It One Little Bit!

MacDonald's is pretty much second to KFC in the vile and disgusting practice stakes.  Despite the fact that they can buy chicken that isn't scalded to death and basically tortured, at no extra price either...they don't!  They continue to serve their lovely kids HAPPY MEALS and the rest of their vulgar crap with their blatantly misleading "I'm loving it!" slogan attached.  It is time to step up people, refuse to buy their food until they at least commit to buying non animal tortured chicken...and the rest of their food.  Just check out this video and have a think about it!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Get Your Own Carbon Neutral Blog...Tree People! :)

Okay, so it's all very well and good for us to write about all of the things that we do to maintain a low carbon/eco-friendly lifestyle, however it often doesn't occur to us that the mere action of posting blog posts on such things actually uses carbon as well.  That is why after coming across this German initiative where for each blog that posts a short blog post on their initiative, and then displays their carbon neutral blog logo, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree in your honour!  Cool huh?

carbon neutral local offers with

The first lot of trees has been planted in the Plumas National Forest and then after the reforestation of the Plumas forest is complete, planting will continue in another national forest!  Once you have done the blog etc. all you need to do is email the Arbor Day Foundation and they will plant your blog tree, therefore making your blog totally carbon neutral!  For more information on this awesome scheme please visit the website HERE!