Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A Healthy Beagle is a Happy Beagle and Mine is Most Certainly That!!

So I'm happy to report that my precious little Beagle~toes Alf~redo is back to his usual, bouncy, hyperactive and crazy stupid self!!  After hurting his hip, in what seems to be an accident of hyperactivity, he spent a good couple of weeks unable to walk, and stuck in his bed.  It was horrific, he was so depressed and and then once he started to get better, he was more frustrated at the fact that he had to be stay in his bed.  

I was kind of naughty and took him out earlier than the vet had recommended, but you know your own dog, and I knew that he'd rather be out, and in a bit of pain, than being kept stuck indoors.  And besides, when we hurt ourselves, we need to stretch the muscles, not just lie on them.  I was still careful, and took him out in little bursts, and it was the best thing I could have done.  Within a couple of days, he was back to his usual bounding around like a lunatic self, and he's also stopped limping.  

All of his doggy pals are happy to see him again, as they'd been getting all upset when they saw a Beagle similar to Alfie and then discovered it wasn't him.  Lol.  He's definitely a popular little munchkin!!  I also think that looking after Hamish helped as well, as it gave him more enthusiasm to get back to normal!!  At least, normal by Alfie standards, haha.  

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

That Sad Look on a Little Beagle's Face When He Can't Jump Around Like a Lunatic and be a Nuisance!!

Okay so anyone who follows me on Facebook will be well aware of the fact that my precious little Beagle Alfie has managed to hurt his hip!  We first noticed this when I'd got back from a walk last week and he tried to jump up on the sofa and fell down funny.  He later couldn't get settled and started crying and being all un~Alfie like.  So I took him to see Kristi, the girl who I'd got him from to see what she thought...due to his hyperactivity, he's started limping before after long walks/mental run abouts on the beach and what not before.  The main thing she was always told to do was to get him to rest and give him some aspirin.  So I started doing that...which trust me, trying to get a dog as hyper as mine to stay still, it's no small feat!!  I was still taking his little hobbly self out on little walks, making sure he got plenty of rest in between.  After he wasn't getting better I had a consultation with the emergency vet who said I'd been doing the right thing and to keep giving him the aspirin and to see how he was after the weekend.  So Monday came and I decided he still wasn't getting properly better, he'd not been sleeping in my bed with me and instead in his own (which was a total warning sign!!) so took him to see Kristi and we both decided to call the vet back.  I was told to come down immediately so called my parents and daddy came to pick us up and took us down.

When we saw the vet, due to Alfie being, well...Alfie...despite being in so much obvious pain he was still trying to hobble around and when she was pushing in his hip area he was getting all squirmy and crying.  So she gave him a steroid injection and told me to come back today so he could get an X-Ray, although he'd have to be given an aesthetic so they could get a good feel at the obviously injured area.  So I got the mother to come pick us up and drop us off, then let my little poopsicle be taken in for the day and then I went to work.  As I have a freak~tarded signal on my phone on the Arbroath High Street I had to dig out the shops phone number...at which point the vet just reminded me that they need it as due to the fact they're giving an aesthetic then anything can happen, and then that's it...the Jen~brain kicks in!!  So on that stressed out note I leave the vet and make my way to work, as I walk past a stand selling local strawberries and plants I think, "ooh, need to get some new plants for Flopsy cemetery!"  That was it, my little headcase brain then goes into thinking about my precious bunny and reminded me how much I fucking hate going to the vets!!  My god I hate the vets!!  Like I am a hysterical fucking mess going to the dentist and need to be knocked out, but I'd rather take daily visits to the dentist and get my baby back than be reminded how much it fucking hurts even thinking about her.  So yeah, put Flops together with having to take my sisters ratty Pink Eyed Pete to get put down and knowing that my precioussssss beloved Westie is getting older each year, I am the first to admit how much of a crazy person I get when in a vet!!  So leaving my little Beagle~toes in there, the creature I love most jointly with bunnies on the face of the planet and yeah...I'm a bit of a mess!!  :'(

Anyhoo, so later on in the day and I get a call from the vet at the shop and vet told me that nothing showed up on the X-Rays so they don't think he's broken his hip, but that even when under, when they were manipulating the muscle area in the hip, he was yelping and squriming.  :(  That's not good!  I feel like such a dick that he's obviously been in this much pain and I've not known it was that bad!!  God damn you Alfie being such a soldier of a dog!!

So at the end of the day, they've given him anti-biotics, anti-inflammatories and painkillers and told him to REST, REST, REST!!!  I was advised that if I had a cage/crate then to put him in that but as he's been so depressed, he's just been lying in his bed with a pillow anyway.  Although, heehee, just there...he totally bounced up and chased Jonah, the bunny!!  He's not allowed to do this but it's nice to see a bit of normal Alfie back.  So hopefully the drugs are working!!  But yeah, his cage/crate, it's still big enough for him to get up and walk in and if he was locked in that, it would more just frustrate and upset him more!  He's better just being ignored in his bed.  As hard as that is too, when he's got his little head on his pillow with his blankey over him.  He looks so freakin' cute!!

I think what makes this harder is that I have no idea what actually happened in the first place...has he hurt himself showing off in front of Hamish (who I've spent past week looking after!!), or was it truly as simple as him jumping up on sofa funny!?!! I dunno.  Part of me has this whole idea that he has been kung fu bunny kicked by Jonah, who is trying to take the dawg down...but then that is just me being mad, haha.  It was just last night when Alfie was totally depressed and Jonah was hopping into his bed and giving him kissies, that was hard!!  People are cruel and mean but there is nothing that hits you harder than when an animal picks up on another animals pain...especially a Beagle and a Bunny.