Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A Healthy Beagle is a Happy Beagle and Mine is Most Certainly That!!

So I'm happy to report that my precious little Beagle~toes Alf~redo is back to his usual, bouncy, hyperactive and crazy stupid self!!  After hurting his hip, in what seems to be an accident of hyperactivity, he spent a good couple of weeks unable to walk, and stuck in his bed.  It was horrific, he was so depressed and and then once he started to get better, he was more frustrated at the fact that he had to be stay in his bed.  

I was kind of naughty and took him out earlier than the vet had recommended, but you know your own dog, and I knew that he'd rather be out, and in a bit of pain, than being kept stuck indoors.  And besides, when we hurt ourselves, we need to stretch the muscles, not just lie on them.  I was still careful, and took him out in little bursts, and it was the best thing I could have done.  Within a couple of days, he was back to his usual bounding around like a lunatic self, and he's also stopped limping.  

All of his doggy pals are happy to see him again, as they'd been getting all upset when they saw a Beagle similar to Alfie and then discovered it wasn't him.  Lol.  He's definitely a popular little munchkin!!  I also think that looking after Hamish helped as well, as it gave him more enthusiasm to get back to normal!!  At least, normal by Alfie standards, haha.  

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