Thursday, 22 November 2012

Fiona Apple Cancels Tour because of Dying Dog...What a Truly Inspirational Woman!!

One of my best friends, award winning film maker and fellow animal lover Jennifer Campbell, just emailed me this link to a letter that quirky singer Fiona Apple posted on her Facebook page regarding why she has cancelled her tour of South America.  Her dog Janet has Addison's Disease, or endocrine disorder that occurs when adrenal glands fail to produce enough hormones for normal function.  What this basically means is that avoidance of stress is of utmost importance...this includes travelling.  

I absolutely commend Fiona Apple for this decision, and also hope that she doesn't get too much crap fired back at her for it either!!  There are a lot of cruel and heartless people out there, those who think that musicians, actors...hell, anyone in the public eye, that they owe them to appear to shows and matter what the hell is going on in their personal life, tragedy, hospitalisation, the lot!!  A lot of people forget that these guys are people too.  They get ill, their family and friends die too...just like the rest of us, they need to take a moment and step back too...unless they are a fucking Kardashian or something!!  

As a fan, I'd personally feel sick if I knew that I was at a gig, whilst the person I admired and was a fan of, was on stage, their heart breaking as their best friend was dying and they were missing it so they could go on tour so that people like myself could be kept happy.  That is NOT right.  I'd feel selfish and wrong, and I wouldn't enjoy myself knowing that I was trying to get satisfaction from a person whose whole world was crumbling around them.  

Losing a pet, especially one like Fiona's dog Janet is to her...that is pretty much the single worst feeling in the world.  Fiona took her on as a rescue...saved her after she had experienced such a cruel start to her life in the world of arseholes who use pitbulls for fighting.  At just 4 months old, Fiona took this dog into her loving arms and never let go.  At this time Janet was found in Echo Park, left with a rope around her neck and covered in bites all over her ears and face.  Fiona has now had Janet for 14 years...that is a long and happy relationship for anyone.  She explains in her letter, that basically it didn't matter what has happened in throughout her life, it's always been the two of them.  If this is something that you can't understand, then I pity you.  Animals give us love that no other human being can.  They love unconditionally and without judgement. 

I am so happy to be a fan of not only such a talented chick~a~roo, but also one who shares a love for another creature that I understand 815% completely.  It makes me smile to know that a rescue dog went on to lead such a happy life with its hooman owner.  Dogs are not just "Man's Best Friend"...they are also a Woman's Best Friend too. :)  

Anyone who has ever owned a dog, or lost a pet...just even reading Fiona's open eulogy to her dog will bring back tears...both tears of sadness, and joy.  There is nothing I understand more than the love of a beloved pet.  And nothing is more important than spending those last few weeks or days with them...NOTHING!!