Sunday, 21 July 2013

How Even Beagles and Bunnies Can Become Friends When the Owner Understands Responsible Dog Ownership.

Word to this.  I find it shocking that so many people do this.  Get pregnant and then realise that they have no more time for their dog.  Yes, sometimes people have good reasons for needing to rehome their pets.  Sometimes life just slams you at a road block and you rehome your dog for the good of them....not you!!

When I got Alfie from Kristi, it truly broke her heart to part with her beloved Beagles.  She was an amazing Beagle mommy and Alfie and Wally were totally her life.  Then life got in the way and she realised that for the good of her two babies, she needed to find a new home for them.  This wasn't something she took lightly as well.  Especially with Alfie...the, ummmm....more hyper/crazy of the two.  Haha.  Luckily fate stepped in and it was just by chance that I met her Beagle friend Suzy who was out with her two Beagles Amber and Gus.  Thanks to Suzy, I found out about Kristi needing new Beagle homes and I messaged her straight away.  Within about 24 hours of constantly messaging each other, she realised she wanted me to have her baby.

Instead of jumping straight in though, we did it the sensible way.  First, introducing my family Westie (whom I frequently look after) to Alfie, Wally, Amber and Gus.  Once Hamish had been pounced on by a pack of Beagles, despite being older than all four put together, he instantly joined in the crazy fun, running around like a puppy again.  My mother even made the comment after I'd gotten Alfie "What have you done to Hamish?  He thinks he's a spring chicken again!!"

Now I understand that sometimes people get a dog, and it's just not suited to their personality/life.  It's like people, some people we get on amazingly with...others, not so much.

I remember a few years back being told that I would be a terrible Beagle mommy, and that I really needed to go for a far mellower dog, due to my tendency to be hyperactive.  Always one to enjoy proving people wrong, I took on the most hyperactive, notorious Beagle in my town...and we just gelled.  He is my soul dog.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOOOOOOOVE my little Hamiseetoe and I'd be lost without him, but whereas Hamish is more independent; Alfie is a total mummy's boy.  :)  I guess this is proof that crazy mellows crazy.

The other thing that surprised people was that I was able to take on a two year old Beagle and bring him into a house with a totally independent man of the house, two year old bunny.  Within a week of being together, and after a lot of emmm....loving - Beagle to bunny style (lol), I was able to leave the two of them in the house together when I went out to work.

I gradually left them alone together and kept spying on them, and it was after I saw Alfie pull his blanket over to Jonah's bed and curl up next to him that I realised they were going to get on just fine.

Yes, Alfie may chase Jonah around, and sometimes it looks like he's getting a bit too carried away, but there is only so much Jonah will take before he stands his ground and Beagle~toes gets some kung foo bunny feets to the face.  Haha.  Proof as can be seen here when Alfie keeps trying to steal Jonah's food.  :)

At the end of the day, I believe that all dogs can be really does just truly depend on the owner.  Bunnies too.  :)  Be sure to check out some of the books and things I've linked to here on Amazon.  Many I read cover to cover before getting Alfie. 

And remember, every breed of dog is different...and every dog is different.  As long as you have the time and patience to dedicate to your beloved pet, you will get years of laughter and fun out of them.  And plenty of exercise.  

Monday, 27 May 2013

Good News - The Escape Artist Beagle in Arbroath Has Been Reunited with His Owners.

The Beagle that I had reported to be found in the Warddykes area of Arbroath late Thursday night and taken in by a kindly owner before being handed into the police on Friday, has today been collected by his owners I've been informed.  Yay!!!

I've yet to find out who this pesky pup belongs too but I'm sure my Beagle~toes Alfie will have the pleasure of meeting him sometime soon.  Thanks to everyone who shared all of the posts on Facebook and Twitter.  You all rock!!  And yay to Jilly for taking him in and taking him to the police in the first place. :) xox

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Beagle Found in Warddykes Area of Arbroath on Thursday Night. Are You Missing a Four Legged Friend!?!

So this morning I woke up to a message from my doggie walking friend Rachael regarding a Beagle that had been found in the Warddykes area of Arbroath and was up on the Help 2 Rehome Scotland Facebook page.  Straight away I jumped into Beagle investigative action as if there is one thing I've become accustomed too, it's escape artist Beagle~toes....something that was made evident when I went onto the Scottish Beagle Club Facebook group and there was a reply to the missing Beagle post saying it might be Alfie as he has a habit of escaping.  This did make me chuckle, especially seeing as how my darling Beagle~toes was curled up under the covers with me when I got the message.  Haha.

Anyhoo, the girl Jilly who found him contacted me with a side view picture of the dog and he is a Tri-coloured Beagle who she had heard howooo'ing outside her house after she had went to bed past midnight on Thursday night.  She opened the door and the dog came bounding in.  Jilly kept him in overnight and then contacted the police on Friday (24th May).

The dog was wearing a brown leather collar, but it had no name tag on it.  The police said that due to the dogs belly still being bald, it looks like he has recently had the chip chip.  Normally this is done at around 6 months old so I would guess the dog would be between 6-12 months old.  This is just a guesstimation but it would make sense.  I know from past experience of handing lost dogs into the police that they scan them for a chip straight away so I am assuming that the dog isn't chipped.

Despite the fact that Beagles are becoming more popular in the Arbroath area, there still aren't that many so I personally would contact the local vets and see if there has been a Beagle recently neutered as they would have the owners details.  Another indication that this is a young Beagle is the fact that us Beagle owners all get to know each other and neither myself, nor any of my Beagle owner friends recognise this dog.  A doggie friend of mine, Chris, he has a girl Beagle called Brandy and he's been looking to breed her.  However he's been having difficulty finding a local boy Beagle who's not had the chip chop.  Due to their, umm...mischievous behaviour,  most people get their boy Beagles neutered pretty early on.

The dog has now been taken to the Brown Street Kennels in Dundee.  If this is your dog or if you recognise him, can you please contact Tayside Police on their new non-emergency line 101.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Did You Know Just How Little the Scottish Government Gives to Mountain Rescue Teams? More Funding Needed to Ensure the Safety of Walkers in the Scottish Highlands.

(The view taken from the top of Buachaille Etive Mor.)

Since the beginning of January 2013, thirteen people have died in the Scottish mountains.  That's less than 3 months in which thirteen people have lost their lives doing something they truly love and are passionate about.

The good old Great British press have, as per usual, instigated their typical knee jerk reaction to these tragedies and have called for a curb on climbers being allowed on the mountains.  The general opinions that I've been hearing are that people shouldn't be allowed on the mountains, or that they are wasting tax payers money.  That it's their own fault if they die, that they're being selfish going out endangering the lives of the search and rescue people who will be called out in the event that something happens to them.  

(Buachaille Etive Mor completed!!  Best feeling EVER!!)

As someone who has grown up exploring these very hills and mountains, and who has parents who are out climbing these very peaks practically every other well as further peaks in England, Wales, Ireland, Mexico, absolutely rattles my cage to hear the garbage that comes out of some peoples mouths regarding this very subject!!  

We live in one of the most gorgeous places on the planet, and yet there are those who will sit there and bitch and moan about the people that actually want to go and explore it!  The main complaint I've heard is that those who go out hillwalking are "wasting the tax payers money".  In the slim chance that something does actually happen, what these idiots don't actually realise is that the government gives very freakin' little to mountain rescue services.  In fact, it's embarrassing just how little our own government support these amazing people.  They give more support to the people that do NOTHING!!

At this present moment in time, the government grant for the Scottish Mountain Rescue Teams is a pathetic, measly £312,000...for the WHOLE of Scotland!!!  This is NOT a case of "wasting tax payers money".  Hell, our own government basically exploit the mountains for profit and yet give practically zero back in return.  
"The 27 civilian, voluntary Scottish Mountain and Cave Rescue Teams, rely on charitable donations and bequests from members of the public as well as local and national businesses, in order that they may continue to deliver the service they provide."

The individuals out there risking their lives as part of the civilian, voluntary teams, they are doing this because they love these mountains.  They understand and respect them.  They want millions more to be able to appreciate their beauty, and I have so much admiration for each and every one of them.

(Glencoe - if it's good enough for Bond...)

USA news station CNN has listed Scotland as the number one worldwide destination to visit in 2013...that is potentially a huge tourism boost.  One of the reasons attributed to CNN's decision is thought to be down to the huge success of not only Disney Pixar movie Brave, but also to James Bond kicking ass with Judi Dench in Skyfall.  A film that was largely featured in the Glencoe...the very home to some of the most potentially treacherous mountains in Scotland.  

(Dame Judi Dench and Daniel Craig taking in the bleak, yet stunning sights of Glencoe in Skyfall.)

With movies such as Skyfall, Brave, Prometheus and Harry Potter making people the world over want to come and visit Scotland and the wonderful scenery it provides, and the fact that the Scottish government use images of these very same mountains to draw people to this forms part of a massive £1.4 BILLION tourist economy.  An industry that the Scottish government want to increase by 50% by 2015!!  That is a massive target, and one that surely requires the government to re-evaluate their funding towards mountain rescue.

(My sister Moosey and I out exploring Glencoe...with extra added Nessie, courtesy of my friend Rob.  See, even Nessie wanted to go and explore further lochs in Scotland!!)

Walkers and climbers are smarter and more equipped now than ever and at the end of the day, accidents happen.  Considering that such a huge part of the Scottish economy comes from tourism, rather than criticising those who enjoy the pleasure and freedom gained from walking the vast stretch of unspoilt territory Scotland provides, the government should actually be putting more money into supporting and educating people to the challenges that walking the Scottish Highlands brings.  

(There is no better feeling in the world than camping in the Scottish Highlands, and Glencoe in particular is one of the single most beautiful places on earth, and should be explored!!)

The world around us was meant for exploring.  It keeps both our minds and our bodies ticking away.  It is also one of the best ways to learn, and soak in the rich history, and all that has gone before.  From a geological and environmental perspective, to that of those who have walked there before us.  If the Scottish government want to keep the compelling history of Scotland alive for people to explore, they need to think about putting more into it, instead of taking away from it.  Accidents will still happen, life would not be life without death.  And with each death on the mountain, it brings a terrible sadness.  We should honour the memory of these people by being able to walk once again in their steps.  

One last photo for you to enjoy...this was taken last September, and was the last walk my parents did before taking on Mount Everest Base Camp.  With some of my family from Canada coming over to visit, whilst on a tour of Europe, they decided, why not take on Ben Nevis!?!  Jim and Annie, joined my mum and dad, and auntie Corinne and her partner Steve, along with my cousin Dominique and her now fiance Kevin...and their doggy Pippa to climb the highest mountain in both Scotland, and the UK.  Along with them was also Team Cooper mascot Alistair McAlistair...the wonderful bunny~feets who does a whole lotta trekkin'!! ;) They all had a wonderful time, and are so happy to say that they have done it.  And Jim and Annie were ecstatic to say that they had come all the way over from the Rockies in Canada to take on their first summit, and it was Ben Nevis!!  That's something that would made anyone proud...please don't take this away from people.  

Edited to add yet another death up in Glencoe after an experienced skier was killed in an avalanche.  That brings the number of deaths up to 14.  :(

Monday, 11 March 2013

A Great Day for Bunnies - Animal Testing in Cosmetics Banned in the EU!!

On this day, March 11th 2013...mankind has taken that little step forward towards living a humane lifestyle!!  With the EU ban of cosmetics testing in animals coming into effect today, hundreds of thousands of bunnies, rats, mice, guinea pigs and more will be saved every year from the senseless pain endured for the vanity of the Western human race!!

This is a culmination of over 20 years hard work from organisations such as BUAV and the European Coalition to End All Animal Experiments (ECEAE), and this day truly cannot have come soon enough!!

This is a big kick up the arse to the rest of the world to catch up, I mean America...what the hell, you're supposed to be soooo advanced yet the European Union takes the stand to a better way of life first.  Time to pull your finger out your arse I say!!  The worst place out there is China, a country that insists that ALL cosmetics sold in China first be tested on animals...a crutch that has most certainly shown us who the good guys are, and the greedy guys!!

With the subject of vivisection so clearly at the forefront of the public's mind, let's take this moment to take a stand against ALL ANIMAL TESTINGI!!!  Let us lead the world in making the world a better place for tomorrow, a world where the only Beagles and bunnies in it are our pets and our best friends...and each others best friends.  I for one will not stop campaigning and protesting till that day is upon us!!