Saturday, 25 May 2013

Beagle Found in Warddykes Area of Arbroath on Thursday Night. Are You Missing a Four Legged Friend!?!

So this morning I woke up to a message from my doggie walking friend Rachael regarding a Beagle that had been found in the Warddykes area of Arbroath and was up on the Help 2 Rehome Scotland Facebook page.  Straight away I jumped into Beagle investigative action as if there is one thing I've become accustomed too, it's escape artist Beagle~toes....something that was made evident when I went onto the Scottish Beagle Club Facebook group and there was a reply to the missing Beagle post saying it might be Alfie as he has a habit of escaping.  This did make me chuckle, especially seeing as how my darling Beagle~toes was curled up under the covers with me when I got the message.  Haha.

Anyhoo, the girl Jilly who found him contacted me with a side view picture of the dog and he is a Tri-coloured Beagle who she had heard howooo'ing outside her house after she had went to bed past midnight on Thursday night.  She opened the door and the dog came bounding in.  Jilly kept him in overnight and then contacted the police on Friday (24th May).

The dog was wearing a brown leather collar, but it had no name tag on it.  The police said that due to the dogs belly still being bald, it looks like he has recently had the chip chip.  Normally this is done at around 6 months old so I would guess the dog would be between 6-12 months old.  This is just a guesstimation but it would make sense.  I know from past experience of handing lost dogs into the police that they scan them for a chip straight away so I am assuming that the dog isn't chipped.

Despite the fact that Beagles are becoming more popular in the Arbroath area, there still aren't that many so I personally would contact the local vets and see if there has been a Beagle recently neutered as they would have the owners details.  Another indication that this is a young Beagle is the fact that us Beagle owners all get to know each other and neither myself, nor any of my Beagle owner friends recognise this dog.  A doggie friend of mine, Chris, he has a girl Beagle called Brandy and he's been looking to breed her.  However he's been having difficulty finding a local boy Beagle who's not had the chip chop.  Due to their, umm...mischievous behaviour,  most people get their boy Beagles neutered pretty early on.

The dog has now been taken to the Brown Street Kennels in Dundee.  If this is your dog or if you recognise him, can you please contact Tayside Police on their new non-emergency line 101.


  1. Fantastically written my Beagle-loving Morley

  2. Why thank you my darlin'!! :) xo