Sunday, 21 July 2013

How Even Beagles and Bunnies Can Become Friends When the Owner Understands Responsible Dog Ownership.

Word to this.  I find it shocking that so many people do this.  Get pregnant and then realise that they have no more time for their dog.  Yes, sometimes people have good reasons for needing to rehome their pets.  Sometimes life just slams you at a road block and you rehome your dog for the good of them....not you!!

When I got Alfie from Kristi, it truly broke her heart to part with her beloved Beagles.  She was an amazing Beagle mommy and Alfie and Wally were totally her life.  Then life got in the way and she realised that for the good of her two babies, she needed to find a new home for them.  This wasn't something she took lightly as well.  Especially with Alfie...the, ummmm....more hyper/crazy of the two.  Haha.  Luckily fate stepped in and it was just by chance that I met her Beagle friend Suzy who was out with her two Beagles Amber and Gus.  Thanks to Suzy, I found out about Kristi needing new Beagle homes and I messaged her straight away.  Within about 24 hours of constantly messaging each other, she realised she wanted me to have her baby.

Instead of jumping straight in though, we did it the sensible way.  First, introducing my family Westie (whom I frequently look after) to Alfie, Wally, Amber and Gus.  Once Hamish had been pounced on by a pack of Beagles, despite being older than all four put together, he instantly joined in the crazy fun, running around like a puppy again.  My mother even made the comment after I'd gotten Alfie "What have you done to Hamish?  He thinks he's a spring chicken again!!"

Now I understand that sometimes people get a dog, and it's just not suited to their personality/life.  It's like people, some people we get on amazingly with...others, not so much.

I remember a few years back being told that I would be a terrible Beagle mommy, and that I really needed to go for a far mellower dog, due to my tendency to be hyperactive.  Always one to enjoy proving people wrong, I took on the most hyperactive, notorious Beagle in my town...and we just gelled.  He is my soul dog.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOOOOOOOVE my little Hamiseetoe and I'd be lost without him, but whereas Hamish is more independent; Alfie is a total mummy's boy.  :)  I guess this is proof that crazy mellows crazy.

The other thing that surprised people was that I was able to take on a two year old Beagle and bring him into a house with a totally independent man of the house, two year old bunny.  Within a week of being together, and after a lot of emmm....loving - Beagle to bunny style (lol), I was able to leave the two of them in the house together when I went out to work.

I gradually left them alone together and kept spying on them, and it was after I saw Alfie pull his blanket over to Jonah's bed and curl up next to him that I realised they were going to get on just fine.

Yes, Alfie may chase Jonah around, and sometimes it looks like he's getting a bit too carried away, but there is only so much Jonah will take before he stands his ground and Beagle~toes gets some kung foo bunny feets to the face.  Haha.  Proof as can be seen here when Alfie keeps trying to steal Jonah's food.  :)

At the end of the day, I believe that all dogs can be really does just truly depend on the owner.  Bunnies too.  :)  Be sure to check out some of the books and things I've linked to here on Amazon.  Many I read cover to cover before getting Alfie. 

And remember, every breed of dog is different...and every dog is different.  As long as you have the time and patience to dedicate to your beloved pet, you will get years of laughter and fun out of them.  And plenty of exercise.  

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