Monday, 29 December 2014

Stop Pharmaceutical Giant AstraZeneca from Opening a New Animal Testing Facility in Cambridge, and Insist on a Life After Labs for the Beagles they Have Already!!

For almost two years now, pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca have been at the top of my list for most hated companies.  Despite living in a world that is so insanely advanced, both technologically, and scientifically; AstraZeneca continues time and time again to stick its needle in the dark ages with their barbaric animal testing.  

It was two years ago in February that I got involved with the newly formed Unite to Care, after AstraZeneca shipped over hundreds of Beagles from their closing down facility in Sweden, to Macclesfield in Manchester, so that they could continue their cruel and unnecessary torture of them...despite numerous offers from animal lovers to take them on board and give them a life after the lab.

The manner in which this was done was absolutely despicable, and in the middle of the night no less.  It honestly reminded me of The X Files - Fight the Future, where the secret government are shipping the alien virus in unmarked tanker trucks.  Clearly they realise how horrific their methods are, and want the public to know as little as possible.  I mean, what we don't know won't hurt us right!?!  WRONG!!  How on earth are we supposed to trust any company that is THAT shady!?

What Unite to Care have been campaigning for, and are doing our very best to work with AstraZeneca; is to ensure that rather than killing these poor Beagles after a life of torture, that they get rehomed to individuals who can show them love and compassion, and that not all humans are bad.  And to eventually...hopefully sooner rather than see ALL Beagles free from cages and a life of testing and misery!!  And not just Beagles....all animals! 

And whilst I am the first to admit that I have been known to stomp my feet and throw my toys out of the pram regarding pharmaceutical companies...I am also intelligent enough to know that progress isn't made by starting a war against them.  Progress is made through education.  Progress is made through people standing up and saying enough is enough.  We don't NEED to test on animals.  The drug companies should know this from the amount of times people have died after drugs have passed animal testing, but then killed the human test subjects.  We are not Beagles, or bunnies, or monkey's.  We have a different genetic makeup.  We also have the science now to recreate that genetic makeup...something that would lead to REAL progress.  

Just check out all of the work the Dr Hadwen Trust are doing, and you shall see actual progress.  Progress with compassion....surely that's what any decent human being strives for?  We want to live in a world where illness and disease can be treated, but without the unnecessary suffering of innocent creatures.

Cambridge Against AstraZeneca Planning has been running a stage by stage protest over the proposals for a new animal testing facility in Cambridge.  We do not see this as scientific progress....rather a stilt in progress.  We want you, the public, to join us in blocking the acceptance of this proposal.  To insist that they change their ways and step into the 21st Century, in a country where we have the means for real scientific progress.  Progress WITHOUT cruelty!!

You can find out more on how you can help out by either visiting the Cambridge Against AstraZeneca Planning Facebook page, or their website - The CAP Campaign.  The Facebook page has all the dates and information of the planned little events....for example, Twitter storms, to writing to newspapers, a mass group photo posting day....there are numerous ways we can get through to people, and utilising social media to get something to go viral; it really is the best way in this day and age!  Adapt with the times yo!  

You hear that AstraZeneca?!  ADAPT!!!  :)

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